Number of U.S. Firms by Industry Type

Industry in ActionIn doing research on industry segments, I came across some useful data on the US Census website.

After a bit of clean-up, what’s left is a spreadsheet that shows the number of firms by industry segment with total employment headcount and payroll for each industry.

Download the spreadsheet here:

Or, grab the original with all the data before my modifications.

A quick note: some of the industry lists and NAICS codes seem redundant, in that there are large categories with further sub-divisions. As a result, it appears as though some industries appear more than once. However, I think this is because the list includes all the levels of the hierarchy.

In doing a scan of the data, it looks like the shorter the NAICS code, the higher up in the hierarchy it is. So to eliminate the redundancy, hide any groups where the NAICS code is fewer than six digits.

Here’s detailed information on the structure of NAICS codes.

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